2024 MCPST

2024 Trilateral Conference on Modern Challenges in Polymer Science and Technology

Invited Speakers

Shiao-Wei Kuo

National Sun Yat-sen University

"Construction Archimedean Tiling Patterns Based on Soft Materials from Block Copolymers and Covalent Organic Frameworks"
Chih-Yu Chang

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

"Rational Strategies for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells and Self-Powered Photodetectors"
Kun-Han Lin

National Tsing Hua University

"Computational Materials Design for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Via Multiscale Simulations and High-Throughput Screening"
Jung-Yao Chen

National Cheng Kung University

"Non-Volatile Photomemory with Ultrafast and Multi-Level Memory Behavior"
Hsiao-Fang Wang

National Central University

"Dynamic Behaviors of Polymer Nanostructures Studied by Time-Resolved Transmission Electron Microtomographyt"

Keiji Tanaka

Kyushu University

"Dynamic Behavior of Polymer Chains in Direct Contact with Solid Substrates"
Tomoyuki Ikai

Nagoya University

"Defect-Free Synthesis and Function of Helical Ladder Polymers"
Mikihiro Hayashi

Nagoya Institute of Technology

"Effective Upcycling Technique and Material Transformation Realized by the Bond Exchange Concept"
Tomoyasu Hirai

Osaka Institute of Technology

"Precise Synthesis of Methacrylate Derivatives and Evaluation of Its Functional Properties"
Tetsuro Nagai

Fukuoka University

"Investigation of the Mechanism of Gas Transport in Polyelectrolyte Membranes Using Novel Simulation Methods"
Shiori Suzuki

Hokkaido University

"Ionic Liquids for Chemical Processing of Lignocellulosic Biomass"
Ryota Tamate

National Institute for Materials Science

"Self-Healing Soft Materials Based on Ionic Liquids"

Youngjong Kang

Hanyang University

"Entropy Engineering for Polymers"
Myungwoong Kim

Inha University

"Surface Engineering with Photoimagable Polymeric Systems to Define Desired Functionalities and Properties"
Jun-Hee Na

Chungnam National University

"Freeform Wrinkles with Liquid Crystalline Polymer"
Yun-Seok Jun

Pukyong National University

"Development and Applications of 2D Carbon-Based Multi-Functional Polymer Composites"
Hongseok Yun

Hanyang University

"Self-Assembly of Polymer-Grafted Nanocrystals into Ordered Arrays"